We're getting close to the end of 2018 now and most people are beginning to slow down. It has been an interesting year. We have now taken the bold move to give up livery services and focus entirely on training. Fred is out and about riding a variety of horses and coaching clients throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties. 

Fred has been working on clinics for the upcoming season which will be available to book soon. He is coaching at the BE Jump Training at Hartpury on 8th December and following the Vale of Aylesbury Pony Club's enormous success at the Pony Club Championships they have already started their 2019 campaign with a fresh programme of training. As soon as the 2019 BE calendar is released we will identify events which Fred will attend to help his clients so keep in touch with ideas for that.

We will be adding clinics and training opportunities to the calendar so remember to check back soon.


Update April 2018

It's been a while since we wrote anything on this page so the intention moving forward is to improve massively. We have had lots of change and lots of new opportunities in the last twelve months. Fred has continued to develop his coaching portfolio including work in China and Ireland, Pony Club teams, a special award from the 'Wobbleberry' movement, not to mention all of his regular clients. He has progressively moved Arthur through to Advanced level dressage and Flash is now winning at Prelim level. Flash has also attended coaching with Christopher Bartle and Nick Turner with a view to his successful future career. More recently Fred has been out on the eventing field with Jonny who is 'very game' for the rest of the season! So keep checking in. :)

We have been leaning over Flash every day after the long reining sessions and here are his first steps!


Cooper update- we went to Munstead yesterday thinking we'd covered all the bases but as you can see he was having a Super Duper jumping day... He jumped into the half coffin using this style and of course stopped at the ditch because he didn't have time to see it. Unfortunately he dispatched Fred at the same time so they retired. Bear with us because this talented horse is so close to breaking through. It's just finding the balance between his mega enthusiasm and his lack of experience! We have one more event in three weeks before the end of the season, so we'll keep training hard and see what we can do.

Well done Arthur- winner of BD medium 61 today at Aston-Le-walls! Thanks Lisa Kent for the ride and Toni Hodges for brilliant reading. Next stop RoR championships in two weeks.

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